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Welcome to

Baby Mountain Radio.

Baby Mountain Radio is a place where a podcast is a lot of hard work to put together. But we love the work so much that we find that it’s a lot of fun to do. We are not a Politically Correct podcast, Which means that we are going to say what we want, where we want and how we want to say it.

My name is Michael Delaney Sr. and I have been wanting to do a podcast for a long time now, I just don’t know it was called a podcast. I’ve wanted to put a radio show together since I saw the movie Pump Up The Volume with Christion Slater. In the movie Christion Slater’s family moves to a new city where the school has a lot of problems, and he sets up a shortwave radio to talk to his friends back east, But it’s not the friends back East that are listening to him, it’s the new school kids in the new city that are the ones  listening. I thought that it would be so cool to talk to other folks, folks you didn’t even know, talk about anything and everything that comes to mind.

After a few years of being into computers I googled how to start a radio station, But the more I searched the more expensive it was to start. While searching, About the radio station I ran into this thing called podcasting. So I searched what podcasting was, and come to find out podcasting is a radio show that you can download from the internet, I say to myself really. In all my searching I came upon the name Cliff Ravenscraft  (The Podcast Answer Man), so I started listening to him because I thought Podcast Answer Man? He knows all about podcasting. Maybe just maybe he could teach people what podcasting is, and how to do it. Sure enough, that’s what he was doing.

I have listened to Cliff for just about a year now, and my interests in podcasting has grown a lot, so I’m going to give it a shot, this website is the home for all my podcasts. I hope you enjoy what you hear. We will talk about any and everything that The Delaney Family does and doesn’t do because of dementia. Dementia Has changed the way the family does any and everything. We used to go places that we no longer go to because mom doesn’t feel like going, doesn’t feel like getting ready to go, or just doesn’t want to go.  One of the three of us always has to be with mom. Most of the time mama sleeps, but she does get up long enough to eat, go to the bathroom and right back to bed she goes. There are times in the middle of the night that mama decides to get up because of hallucinations. All this, and more we get into in the podcast called  Caregiving for Dementia.

Dementia,  a devastating disease that not only affects the one who has it but it affects the lifestyle of the entire family who’s living with it.


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