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Dementia, a devastating disease that not only affects the one who has it but, it affects the lifestyle of the entire family who’s living with it.



The Caregiving For Dementia Show is a podcast about a family caregiving for someone with DEMENTIA. We will cover any and everything that the Delaney family does and doesn’t do because of a disease called dementia. This devastating disease has changed the way the family does any and everything in their daily lives. We used to go to certain places that we no longer can go to because mom doesn’t feel like going, doesn’t feel like getting ready to go. We used to have conversations with mom that we no longer can have. We no longer leave mom by herself anywhere. Most of the time mama sleeps. She does get up long enough to eat, and go to the bathroom and then she goes right back to the bed she goes. There are times in the middle of the night that mama decides to get up because of hallucinations that are caused by dementia. All this, we get into in the podcast about  Caregiving For Dementia.

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This week on: Caregiving for Dementia



In this week’s episode of caregiving for dementia, I talk a little bit about the truck, bus, van thing that I’ve been talking a little bit about. The condition of the vehicle a little bit about the costs, but mainly versus putting a shed in the backyard in which is that I think I’m leaning more toward putting the shutout, then the vehicle due to costs.

I started to call this episode Elvis Presley and dementia, because of the reaction that we have with Mama and Elvis’s music on an HBO special on Saturday night. The reaction re-received without was totally different than any other kind of music performer that we played before.

We have tried playing different kinds of music for Mama, most of which seem to just agitate her. One of these types of music would’ve been our music, such as Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and Journey. We have also tried though, Ben Crosby, Dean Martin, as well as net King Cole. And the only reaction we seem to be able to get that with anything at all other than agitation was Elvis is music for some reason.

Now my question is, is why Elvis is the same era as Ben Crosby that King Cole, Dean Martin, why did he is music have such a different reaction. I don’t know. I think I am going to try to run some kind of a small experiment with her and music. The question of it is, as well. I have the same reaction to Elvis is music on saying something like an album as I did on the TV special. Did we get the reaction from the TV special because it was something that she could see or was it the music itself? Again, I don’t know.

Was it the music itself, is it music, is it visual, or is it just noise all in general. This is something that I need to find out. I’m hoping to get mom outside in the yard a little bit when the weather breaks to find this out. If it’s noise in general that makes you react, then she should react to the birds singing out in the front yard. Will The Chipmunks the squirrels make her react the same way that she reacts to the dog? Why would she not react to other animals?

These are all kind of questions that I need to get answers to that. I hope to have some answers to as soon as the weather breaks. I hope you stay tuned. I’ll keep you updated. So I hope you stay tuned to the episodes. It will be interesting. I’m sure.

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