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Hello, my name is Michael Delaney Sr.I started Baby Mountain Radio Productions as the home of a podcast that I wanted to start. I just didn’t have the name of the show. We were all sitting around the table one evening after dinner. We got to talking about me starting the podcast. We were talking, company names, instead of show names. Although Mama was losing some functionality, Mama who has dementia now is the one that come up with the name Baby Mountain Radio.

I wanted some way of telling my story of living with someone with dementia for about 2 years. I really thought about starting a radio station, ever since I saw the movie Pump Up the Volume with Christian Slater. In short, I thought that it would be so cool to talk to other people about anything that comes to mind, but I didn’t just want to talk all the time. I thought with a radio station I could at least play some music part of the time, so I wouldn’t have to talk all the time.

While researching how to start a radio station, it became apparent to me that it was way too expensive to even think about after all the royalties you had to pay. I mean, I needed about 6 licenses just to play the music for one, and then all the paperwork you had to keep up with in order to play the music. So I decided that a radio station was way too expensive. But while researching the radio station I came across a thing called podcasting.

So, you guessed it. I started researching podcasting. Come to find out podcasting is sort of like a radio station without all of the licenses and the royalties and all that. But with that said, without all the licenses I could no longer play the music, so I had to talk a lot. So I started researching what a podcast was and how to do it. The more I dug into podcasting, the more I thought this was my replacement to a radio station. I came across the name of Cliff Ravenscraft The Podcast Answer Man, so I started listening to his podcast because I thought maybe he’s teaching people what a podcast is and how to do it. Sure enough, that’s exactly what he was doing.

And the rest of the story is history. Baby Mountain Radio Productions is the home of my podcast called, Caregiving For Dementia. With Hopes of adding more podcasts soon.


Losing Spunk


Episode # 51





Show Notes



In this episode of Care Giving for Dementia, I talk a little bit about the time I got stuck in Atlanta, Georgia airport when I was 14/15 years old. The trouble I had trying to catch the plane from Atlanta, Georgia the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania just to come home for Christmas one year. And the fact that I would probably still be Atlanta, Georgia if my mother had not been is spunky as she was.

You see, Mama was the type of person who just had this look, a look that told you, no matter who you were, that you were going to do, what Mama wanted you to do. I honestly believe that Mama could get the President United States to do what she wanted as well. She just had that look that meant she meant business, and you were not going to change her mind, no matter who you were.

I also talk about the fact that this devastating disease called, dementia has taken the person that took on a big airline to get me home for Christmas has changed that person so much that she’s afraid of her own shadow at times. Dementia has made her for afraid or scared of any and everything that she doesn’t know and it seems to be getting worse.

I’m realizing that we are definitely losing Mama Altogether, not just the ability for her to do things, and the ability for her to talk to us, to advisor us on things, but the fact is that we are losing her altogether. Although we are realizing that were losing her altogether. We are nowhere near ready for this to happen.

There comes a time when life changes, changes everything that you’re doing. We are finding ourselves in this situation, where we are going to be by ourselves in a very short time. A lot of it has to do with the fact that so many quick changes with mom. Some of it happening to do with the fact that the boy is now 22 years old and not knowing how long he’s going to stay home. He’s got his own life to live, how much longer the estate with mommy and daddy this, we don’t know.





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