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Dementia, a devastating disease that not only affects the one who has it but, it affects the lifestyle of the entire family who’s living with it.



The Caregiving For Dementia Show is a podcast about a family caregiving for someone with DEMENTIA. We will cover any and everything that the Delaney family does and doesn’t do because of a disease called dementia. This devastating disease has changed the way the family does any and everything in their daily lives. We used to go to certain places that we no longer can go to because mom doesn’t feel like going, doesn’t feel like getting ready to go. We used to have conversations with mom that we no longer can have. We no longer leave mom by herself anywhere. Most of the time mama sleeps. She does get up long enough to eat, and go to the bathroom and then she goes right back to the bed she goes. There are times in the middle of the night that mama decides to get up because of hallucinations that are caused by dementia. All this, we get into in the podcast about  Caregiving For Dementia.

Care Giving for Dementia Show


Dementia, Who Are You?


 Episode # 42




Show Notes


This week on: Caregiving for Dementia

In this week’s episode of care giving for dementia. I asked the question? Dementia who are you? It’s becoming more and more frequent that Mama asked the question who we are, whenever were talking to her.

I also mention in this episode, when we were kids. Mama always used to call the role, and then she would say you know who I’m talking to, you know who I’m talking about.

I also mention the fact that Mama seems to be a little bit more scared. And that’s the reason why she’s acting out so often.

I also asked the question what’s going to happen to me or Stephanie when we get to be mom’s age. I question whether or not Michael will be there for us if we him.

I also use a quote from Cliff Ravenscraft. I don’t need easy I just need worth it. You can find Cliff’s podcast, at  https://www.cliffravenscraft.com.

I asked you to please go to either www.babymountainradio.com or www.caregivingfordementia.com and leave me a comment. Let me know that you listen, and let me know if the podcast is helping you.



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